We only make cakes!

We only make cakes! Cakes will be remembered by your guests as a wonderful touch to your special day!

We are aware that delicious cakes make the day more special. Whatever you are celebrating, whether it be a birthday, baby shower, wedding, bridal shower, anniversary, holiday or just having a special dinner with special guests.

Why YBR Cake?

As YBR Cake we make cakes for all occasions, including:

  • Birthdays,
  • Weddings,
  • Anniversaries,
  • Graduations,
  • Christenings,
  • Baby Showers,
  • Special Dinners and Parties.


It was definitely a very memorable experience. They worked with us to develop our dream cake and did such a tremendous job with our wedding cake! It looked amazing and it was so unique and special to us. And most importantly the cake was DELICIOUS!


Best birthday cake I've ever had! It was absolutely delicious and all the guests at my birthday party asked me where I got it from.

I was worried in the first place but then I got exactly what I wanted.

Thank you YBR Cakes!!


I would highly recommend YBR Cake to anyone who is too busy with their work and still want to celebrate their special occasions with a delicious cake. We wanted to celeb-rate my daughter’s university graduation with a small party and I ordered a cake from YBR Cake. Everyone was completely blown away by the fabulous cake!


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